Actions are the functions that the workflow will execute for particular tasks. Actions include internal and external communications (SMS, Email, Slack), and record management (HubSpot, Constant Contact).

Supported Integrations

A full list of our supported actions is listed here -

Attendee Selection

By default, Ticket Spot will automatically execute the action on the attendees within the context of the trigger. For example if a visitor buys a ticket and you have configured the email integration then that attendee will receive an email. If you have setup an "Event Started" trigger then all the attendees of that event will be part of that action

To have control over the types of attendees that get enrolled in the action you can manual select/filter the type of attendees. For example, you may on want to only send emails to a specific company, job title or website.

Note that actions are only triggered for attendees that are registered for your site. For example, if you want to send an email announcement then the email is only sent to customers from your customer list view. The list of customers can be viewed from the Ticket Spot Dashboard.

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