Setup Events

Create an event to sell tickets using Ticket Spot. Go to your Events workspace and click “Create event”. Then enter your event details and add your tickets. After you create your event, get the word out by using Ticket Spot's promotional tools such as Twitter, Slack, Email and SMS.

1. Create a new event.

From your Widget Click on Events which takes you to the Events workspace. Select "Add Event"

2. Enter your Basic info

  • Event title - Give your event a clear title.

  • Event organizer - The person or organization hosting the event. If your organizer isn't listed, create a new profile for them.

  • Event type & category - Your event's "genre".

  • Event tags - Keywords that help your attendees find your event.

  • Event location: Choose “Venue” if your location is in-person, or “Online event” if your location is virtual. Select "To be announced" if you aren't sure of your location yet.

3. Add your dates.

Enter your event’s start and end date and time. If you have an event that occurs across multiple dates then select the recurring option

4. Add your event image and details

  • Main event image: Must be a JPEG or PNG no larger than 10MB. Images with at least 2160 x 1080px (a 2:1 ratio) work best.

  • Description: Write a description of the important details of your event. You can add additional images to your event description

5. Set up location and venue.

If your event is taking place online the select online and either connect your Zoom account or add a link to your webinar or meeting.

For Physical events add location and venue details

6. Create Event

Set up your tickets

1. Go to “Tickets” and click “Create Ticket”.

2. Enter your ticket information.

Choose a ticket type Then:

  1. Give your ticket a name, like “General Admission”.

  2. Add the quantity of tickets you have available.

  3. Set the price (if it’s a paid ticket type).

  4. Add a ticket description - Let attendees know what’s included with their ticket.

  5. Limit the number of tickets per order - Set a limit if you only want attendees to select a certain amount of that ticket type per order. Limits can't be set on Donation ticket types

  6. Save your changes.

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