Automate with Triggered Messages

Save busy work and automatically send emails/sms/slack messages when attendees perform specific actions. Want to send an email right when someone purchases a ticket or submits an RSVP? Triggered messages have you covered.

Event Started

When an event is about to start send a reminder message

Event Ended

Send a thank you message to your attendees for attending your event

Event Cancelled

Notify your registered attendees the event has been cancelled or postponed

Event Changed

Let your attendees know if the date or time has changed

Ticket Promotion

Send an email out to all your attendees when a new event is added


Send a one time email out to all your attendees

RSVP/Ticket purchased

Send an email to the attendee who purchased a ticket or RSVP'd to your event


Choose to send messages immediately when an event action happens or customize exactly when to send. For example - Configure a campaign to send an email 5 minutes before an event starts

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