Ticket Tailor

Sync with Ticket Tailor and promote your next big event

Create a Ticket Tailor account

To sync your Event Viewer with Ticket Tailor;

  • Double click on the Widget to open the Settings

  • Click on the "Event Integrations"

  • Ticket Tailor requires an API to be generated. This is really easy to do and the key can be pasted into the input field

Generating an API Key

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ page from the Ticket Tailor dashboard.

  1. In the left hand side menu, under ‘Manage’ select "API".

  2. Click ‘Generate a new key’.

  3. Type a name for your API key in the box

  4. Copy and save your key

The API should begin with "sh_"

Adding key to Event Viewer

  1. Copy the API key from the previous stage

  2. Paste it into the input section of the Ticket Tailor integration

  3. Event Viewer will take care of the rest!

Experiencing a problem?

View our FAQ or contact chris@geteventviewer.com

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