Ticket Spice

Sync with Ticket Spice and make it easy for your visitors to buy tickets

Create a Ticket Spice account

To sync your Event Viewer with Ticket Spice;

  • Double click on the Widget to open the Settings

  • Click on the "Event Integrations"

  • Ticket Spice requires an API to be generated. This is really easy to do and the key can be pasted into the input field.

1. Go under Extras in the main navigation and choose Integrations

2. Click on the button to Add API Key

3. Give Your API a name

4: Hit the "update key" button to close the window.

You may have to refresh the page to see the newly generated API Key.

Buying tickets from your Wix site

To allow your customers to initiate ticket purchasing from your website, you need to configure Ticket Spice.

Once this is complete you can enable ticket purchasing from the Event Viewer settings

1. From the Ticket Spice dashboard select "extras" and then "widgets"

2. On the Widgets page select "Tickets"

3. Use the menu to select which page you'd like to sell from and/or customize the text and colors to match your website.

4. Once saved, you can preview the widget and copy the code to easily embed wherever you sell tickets.

Experiencing a problem?

View our FAQ or contact chris@geteventviewer.com

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